About Nicholas Mork

Nicholas Mork
As Art Director and creative lead for the agency, Nicholas transforms seeds of ideas into original inspired creative. He is involved in the creative process from start to finish, where he designed everything from packaging and identities to strategic branding, advertising campaigns and digital experiences.

Step Back and Look Around

d587d0d044a57b87af96c47eaf317e01-d47bl1hPeople always ask me: “what made you become a designer, Nick?” I have always been a designer, a creative person. But it was Carter┬áRomo, a very good friend of mine from college and also a designer in Minneapolis, who introduced me to this road that I am on and have been on for over 14 years.

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MONDAY DESIGN FUN – Ghostly Calls to Action

There are just some things you don’t put much thought into. But writing a strong, relevant call-to-action (CTA) should not one of those things. Today’s marketer must understand that a dreary direct-response call-to-action can bring on an untimely death to any campaign.

But be warned: The same effort that goes into conjuring up the liveliest of calls-to-action needs to be put into its design and position as well.

What placement will draw the most attention to your CTA? How should it look to captivate the audience and get them to ACT?

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