“Killer” Creative Kills Another Account

I guess when you’re really big, losing accounts here and there isn’t that big a deal.  But when you’re supposedly one of the hottest agencies in the marketing world, it also doesn’t go by unnoticed.

According to Ad Age, ConAgra Foods has unceremoniously dumped Crispin Porter Bokusky, the agency that resurrected poor old (dead) Orville Redenbacher in a series of commercials that were downright creepy.  As Ad Age points out, the ads generated tons of buzz, much of it negative, as the attempt to resuscitate good old Orville instead created a character that many in the business called “Deadenbacher.”  As I like to point out, buzz without business is just noise.

At the same time, ConAgra took back the Slim Jim beef jerky account from Frankenstein, I mean Crispin, adding up the “hottest” agency’s total loss to $34 million.  Not exactly small change.

Many of you will remember that Crispin also lost the Miller Lite account earlier this year after its disastrous “Man Law” campaign failed to generate sales.

Don’t bother shedding a tear for Crispin, though.  They won their all-important “creative” awards for their crypt keeper version of Orville, and they’ve just landed the American Express Small Business Services Account.  Do you think they might be planning another “killer” campaign?

Grant Johnson

Johnson Direct LLC