Health Care Marketers — What Does Your Online Presence Say About You

Got a cough you just can’t kick? Or a nagging ache in your knee? What’s your first move?

If you’re like most Americans, you’re initial inquiry into your potential health ailment would begin with the launch of an internet browser. In fact, 66% of US adults report relying heavily on search engines to provide them with links to answers for any number of health questions. Although, large and growing, this figure shouldn’t be surprising. Whether you’re looking for the best orthopedic surgeon in town or for potential side effects of a prescription your doctor is recommending, your first step is likely to be firing up your favorite search engine on your computer or mobile device and doing some research.

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Is yours one of the “1 in 4” brands to have already upgraded to Facebook’s Timeline?

She Serves_Fbook timeline

If not, you’re obviously not alone. But those businesses who are embracing the change are finding the new cover photo a great place for high-impact photography or graphics to support their brand’s key message. It’s important to note, however, that Facebook won’t tolerate the use of this real estate as a place for blatant banner-style ads.

Right now, if your business’ Facebook page is set at the default tab, BE WARNED. After March 30, if you don’t make the change yourself, Facebook will automatically switch your page to the Timeline view and choose your brand message for you.

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