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Denise Hearden
As Vice President of Interactive Services, Denise leads all electronic and web-based initiatives from website development and email marketing to social campaigns and SEO. Denise has nearly 20 years of experience in planning, execution and reporting. She guides the integration of online and offline marketing efforts resulting in multichannel campaigns structured for optimal measurability.

No, the banner ad is NOT dead and yes, content is “the new black”

This recent CMO.com headlineThe Banner Ad Is Dead: Content Is The New Black, Marketers Say — grabbed my attention and compelled me to write this “response.” Actually, the article had a lot of great statements and insights from big-brand CMOs. But the headline really stirred a reaction in me (nicely, done Ms. Abramovich).

Look, if banner advertising was dead, our results-focused clients wouldn’t be investing in it. And, the type of cookie-free, IP zone-based digital marketing we’re doing for our clients reaches nearly 100% of our target segments, no matter when or where they are online. Sure, there are times when even our SmartZones online ad campaigns can’t breathe new life into a suffering or stagnant market segment. That’s where the true value of testing comes in. SmartZones is nimble and quick; we test creatives, messaging, market categories, placement timing…you name it.

Take a look at how this SmartZones digital advertising campaign came together to produce exceptional results:

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The White Paper: Guidance For Creating This Coveted Content

A white paper can be an invaluable piece of content for nearly any business organization. Its application opportunities are boundless, and offering a complimentary copy of the paper can generate highly qualified sales leads. But to enjoy long term success with a white paper strategy, you must create content that’s credible and compelling.

There’s no replacing the expertise and efficiency that a professional PR writer offers, especially when creating an easy-to-read yet seriously thorough piece of content like a white paper. However, there is a formula you can use to ensure your topic ideas are on par and your organization is prepared to contribute toward an authentic guide to help your target audiences solve a problem or make an important decision.

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Insurer Earns a 56% Lift with Savvy Direct Mail Decisions

In a Direct Marketing News piece last week, Nancy Harhut, chief creative officer of the Wilde Agency, was interviewed about the agency’s initiative to help Nationwide develop a direct mail campaign to appeal to the LGBT community. Four best practices stood out in this piece as great reminders about the powerful affect SAVVY DIRECT RESPONSE can have on your direct mail campaigns.
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Improve Your Next New Product Launch Campaign with these 3 Strategies

Here are a few simple facts you probably already know:

  • A new product launch deserves media attention.
  • A well planned, developed and executed product launch will generate positive, buzzworthy press within your industry.
  • A proactive PR campaign can generate 25% more sales leads for a new product launch.

What you might not realize is that PR is likely the glue that holds together your entire multichannel product launch campaign. Here’s what you need to know before embarking on your next new product launch campaign.

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toolbox-inhandWith the help of Johnson Direct (JD), RBP Chemical Technology recently launched a web-based tool to support its sales force and provide a higher level of service for its customers.

The proprietary, custom-developed product-selector tool, called RBP ToolBox, was created specifically to serve RBP Chemical’s printing and electronics customers online. Designed and built by JD, the online application is available to the general public at www.RBPToolBox.com, however some product data is available only to registered users. Tested in the field by RBP sales personnel and customers, RBPToolBox.com is easily accessible online for users in the office, on the plant floor or on the road whether they are using a tablet, laptop or desktop computer. Find out how its working to improve sales and service for RBP customers.

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