About Denise Hearden

Denise Hearden
As Vice President of Interactive Services, Denise leads all electronic and web-based initiatives from website development and email marketing to social campaigns and SEO. Denise has nearly 20 years of experience in planning, execution and reporting. She guides the integration of online and offline marketing efforts resulting in multichannel campaigns structured for optimal measurability.

DESTINATION: Brand Loyalty (Infographic by Johnson Direct)

The journey to brand loyalty can be a bumpy ride when you’re aiming for the universe rather than individual galaxies.  Yet the journey is integral, because it can propel you to unexplored and unprecedented levels of success.

Branding differentiates your business and products/services and makes prospects and customers remember you and stay loyal to you.  It’s more than getting your target market to choose you over your competition; it’s getting your prospects to see you as the only one that can provide a solution to their quality challenges.

So why remain tethered to earth when you can soar through an integrated campaign with one powerful and propulsive unifying message?  That message is designed to differentiate you and define you: where quality soars to the next level … the sky’s the limit!

3, 2, 1, click!

Destination Brand Loyalty

View: Destination- Brand Loyalty Infographic by Johnson Direct

If you followed only one rule for the rest of your marketing career, what would it be?

15 candlesWe’re celebrating our 15 YEAR ANNIVERSARY here at Johnson Direct (JD). How does it feel to be 15? Collectively, the energy emulating from the offices is full of gratitude and eagerness. Of course, we’re thankful to have survived some difficult economic times over the years and appreciative for the business our loyal clients have awarded us year after year. And, we’re enthusiastic about the smart solutions and multichannel campaigns that are in various stages of planning and development.

I thought it would be fun to bring you a more candid response from individual JDers. It isn’t every day we think about the one professional rule we live by. So I asked our celebrants of strategists, business developers, graphic and digital designers, writers and account managers to divulge one most-valuable insight to compile this TOP 15 List.

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Test Market-Savvy Content to Add Value and Build Trust

A company that has served over 300,000 businesses and institutions in all industries, including 477 of the Fortune 500, 93 of the largest universities, the White House and Pentagon, as well as thousands of small businesses, might choose to solely rely on word-of-mouth sales and marketing.

Not National Business Furniture (NBF). For a 35-year old supplier of over 50,000 office furniture and accessory items, NBF refuses to rest on its laurels. The company aspires to continually beat its own customer service records, break into new markets and add innovative product lines to its roster.

The company recently embarked on a content marketing pilot program to test how market-savvy content could create awareness and build trust within one of its key specialty markets – healthcare and medical furniture and equipment.

Content Marketing Process

JD implemented its content marketing process to create a wide variety of content pieces to test and measure. With titles including How To Choose The Right Nursing Workstation ; Mastering Nursing Workflow Efficiency: Understand Your Product Options; Winning At The Waiting Game: How To Create Comfortable & Functional Waiting Room Spaces; The Anatomy Of A Recovery-Promoting Patient Chair; and Hospital Patient Room Seating: Promote Faster, Safer Patient Recovery With Smart Patient Chairs, JD addressed industry issues with three healthcare-focused white papers, several trend articles, a Slideshare, landing page and an interactive guide.

Take a closer look at the deliverables tailored for this market-specific content marketing program.