Professional Enrichment: 2014 Conferences, Seminars, Webinars, Tutorials and More

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There are dozens of reasons any professional in today’s marketing world should proactively budget and plan on investing in professional enrichment. You’re already keeping up on best practices and trends by reading credible content from like-minded marcom pros (after all, you’re reading this Measurable Marketing blog post!). Making time in your busy schedule to attend a conference or seminar or participate in online webinars or download tutorials can offer a wealth of benefits that reading-up on a topic cannot.

Where do you start in your search for the right enrichment option?

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Media Usage in Today’s World (infographics)

Where do you find your customers? How do you attract the right customers in today’s  media setting?

Lately, I’ve been asking friends and family this question: “What do you watch on TV these days?” I’m less interested in what they’re watching, but how they’re watching. I think it’s an interesting question as an informal generational study. My 30-something friends and I still comfortably have feet in both traditional TV and digital streaming. But, if you were to ask my 80-something grandparents or my college-aged cousins the same question, they would have very different answers. I ask them these questions because a lot of information has been published lately on how different age groups participate in media and we, as marketers, are noticing and acting on this knowledge bank. This chart demonstrates media use by age bracket. Continue reading

DESTINATION: Brand Loyalty (Infographic by Johnson Direct)

The journey to brand loyalty can be a bumpy ride when you’re aiming for the universe rather than individual galaxies.  Yet the journey is integral, because it can propel you to unexplored and unprecedented levels of success.

Branding differentiates your business and products/services and makes prospects and customers remember you and stay loyal to you.  It’s more than getting your target market to choose you over your competition; it’s getting your prospects to see you as the only one that can provide a solution to their quality challenges.

So why remain tethered to earth when you can soar through an integrated campaign with one powerful and propulsive unifying message?  That message is designed to differentiate you and define you: where quality soars to the next level … the sky’s the limit!

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Destination Brand Loyalty

View: Destination- Brand Loyalty Infographic by Johnson Direct