toolbox-inhandWith the help of Johnson Direct (JD), RBP Chemical Technology recently launched a web-based tool to support its sales force and provide a higher level of service for its customers.

The proprietary, custom-developed product-selector tool, called RBP ToolBox, was created specifically to serve RBP Chemical’s printing and electronics customers online. Designed and built by JD, the online application is available to the general public at www.RBPToolBox.com, however some product data is available only to registered users. Tested in the field by RBP sales personnel and customers, RBPToolBox.com is easily accessible online for users in the office, on the plant floor or on the road whether they are using a tablet, laptop or desktop computer. Find out how its working to improve sales and service for RBP customers.

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Are You Getting Through to the 65+ Market?

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It’s a big world of 60-somethings out there. More than 40 million people in the United States are aged 65 and older, and this rapidly growing market is projected to reach 72 million by the year 2030 — representing nearly 20 percent of the total U.S. population. Recognizing the shortcomings of Medicare, many of these older Americans are choosing to buy some type of supplemental health insurance coverage.

This is good news for health insurance companies. But what if your current marketing program is failing to convince seniors that they need your Medicare Supplement plan?

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Bourbon & Targeted Marketing

barrel of bourbon

Last week I was fortunate enough to head south to Kentucky and tour several bourbon distilleries with a group of bourbon aficionados. That point is crucial to understand. Most of the individuals (10 in our group) who toured together have a very high “bourbon IQ.” They know how it is made, what the differences in mash bills (recipes) are, what aging in barrels does to the products, etc. We toured six distilleries: Buffalo Trace, Four Roses, Wild Turkey, Jim Beam, Willet and Maker’s Mark.

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How Would You Grade Your Influence as CMO?

Chart: “Of the following skills and competencies, which five do you feel are the most important for your personal success?”

Are you among the marketing execs and CMOs that believe visioning and strategic thinking are most critical to your personal success? If so, you aren’t alone. In a recent survey, 89% of CMOs shared this conviction. The report published by Forrester Research found that when CMOs want to increase their influence across the enterprise, they attribute their personal success in this area to their capacity to think strategically about how to support the business goals of the enterprise — and not just in marketing terms and metrics.

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