Infographics: Simplifying The Complex

An infographic is a visual representation of information, data or knowledge and is created to make the complex easier to understand.  An infographic is very effective because it’s a visual element. Since fifty percent of the human brain is devoted to visual function, images are processed faster than text. So, representing a complicated process in an infographic is easier and quicker to understand.

The best infographics express rich, objective data in a way that’s more accessible and engaging than a dense spreadsheet or boring pie chart. They should be concise, creative (yet educational) and be able to convey a burst of data in a portable package.  They can be a powerful marketing tool because they are easily sharable, can enhance SEO and support your brand identity.

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Where is your SEO falling short? These experts tell-all.

Bravo! to Edgy SEO for taking the time earlier this year to pull together the latest search engine optimization (SEO) DOs and DON’Ts from 18 experts who live and breathe this stuff every day. Playing off this great compilation of ideas from SEO thought-leaders, I’d like to share the advice we’ve given our clients:

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